Opening times, changes & safeguards


Finally we can open our doors again!

New Opening Times 

Monday-Friday 5pm-11.00pm 

Saturday & Sunday 2pm-11.00pm

(Last table reservations at 9.00pm. Last drink orders 10.30pm)

However much we are looking forward to opening again and seeing all our guests, we have one main thought in our minds…. How can we keep our guests and our staff as safe as possible?


So due to this we have implemented some changes and safeguards to not only help us perform our service safely but to give our guests confidence in their safety & health whilst with us.


So if you are still concerned about venturing out into the real world once again hopefully what we have done here may help you feel safe.


Changes made and why:

  • Only allowing 50% capacity in the building at any time – this means we can safely keep our guests at a 1-2 metre distance whilst they are seated.

  • Change in opening hours – this puts less pressure on our team and gives us extra time for daily deep cleans.

  • Implementing 3 main sitting times – 5pm-5.30pm, 6.30pm-7pm, 8pm-8.30pm. This means we can alternate tables so guests aren’t directly next to another table of people and you won’t be sat on a table that has just been vacated where possible, giving us plenty of time to sanitise it properly.

  • Set times on tables – If you book in the earlier slots you have 1.5 hours on your table. If you book the later slot you have until we close at your table. This means we can give people plenty of time to enjoy their meal but keep the service organised and efficient. This may be extended on quieter evenings.

  • Temporary minor reductions to our menus – this takes pressure of our teams and makes it easier for us to produce your fresh tasty tapas quickly but at a high standard. Again, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your meal. This will be evaluated regularly.

  • Taking bookings via our ONLINE BOOKING SYTEM as much as we can - This ensures we capture everybodies correct data for track and trace if needed. Also the new system of booking is difficult to maneuver around manually and we really do not want to make any errors with your booking.

  • Opening at first for food tables/takeaway only – As we have limited time and spaces and hopefully a high volume of interest we have to sacrifice our drink trade for the time being to help promote social distancing and to ensure we have enough space for our diners.


  • Implemented a “One in, One Out” system in our toilets to encourage social distancing.

  • Organised the bar area to decrease likeliness of people passing directly passed each other.

  • Taken away certain tables close to toilet or high traffic areas.

  • All our staff will be equipped with face visors and hand sanitisers.

  • Hand sanitiser stations are set up at all main touch points.

  • Regular cleaning of all main touch points will be implemented at regular times.

  • Clear signage and advice  located throughout the venue for all guests.

We are so looking forward to seeing all our guests again and hope you understand the changes that have had to be made to help our business survive as well as keeping our staff & guests safe!

Please be patient with us and respectful to other guests.. stay safe.. stay aware & save lives .