Opening times, changes & safeguards


freedom day has arrived! however we remain cautious!

New Opening Times 

Monday-Thursday     5pm-10.00pm

Friday     5pm - 11pm 

Saturday     2pm-11.00pm

Sunday     2pm-10.00pm

(Last table reservations at 9.00pm. Bar will close when restaurant closes)

As much as we welcome the opportunity to relish in an unrestricted society, we at Tapas Tapas believe not all of our guests are ready for it. The potential dangers surrounding Covid are still very much present and for the time being we will be easing out of restrictions for the safety of our guests and staff.

What restrictions will and will not be removed:

  • Capacity –we have been running at around 50% capacity during the pandemic. We will be increasing our capacity but not to 100%.                                                                                           

  • Opening Hours – we will be sticking to the above opening hours for the foreseeable future.

  • Restaurant sitting times - We have removed our strict 3 sittings policy and replaced it with a more structured seating plan giving our guests more choices and flexibility on their booking options.

  • Set times on tables – We have increased alloted table times from 1.5hours to 2 hours for most bookings. Tables booking between 5pm-5.45pm on Fridays and Saturdays will have the table for 1.5 hours..

  • Temporary minor reductions to our menus – We will be working with our kitchen team to start bringing back some of your old favourites over time. Please be patient with us on this as supplier and staffing issues are still a big concern across the industry.

  • Taking bookings via our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM as much as we can - We will still be asking guests to do this as much as they can if possible to ensure we get eveybodies details for Track & trace but also to ensure we can squeeze you in! Walk ins are always welcome of course!

  • Just Drinking?! – Throughout the whole pandemic we have just operated as a restaurant only to the dismay of our regular drinkers. This was to ensure we could easily control the capacity at any time and also for the comfort of our diners. You will be glad to hear that we will be opening as a bar again but sticking to table service only for the time being. Certain tables and stools will be reserved for drinkers and some tables for diners only.  

Continued Safeguards:

  • All our staff will be equipped with facemasks and hand sanitisers.

  • Hand sanitiser stations are set up at all main touch points.

  • Regular cleaning of all main touch points will be implemented at regular times.

  • Clear signage and advice  located throughout the venue for all guests.                                    

  • All guests will be asked to sign into track and trace if they have not booked online.                   

  • Face masks will be available for any guests who want to continue wearing them.


We are so looking forward to seeing all our guests again and hope you understand the changes that have had to be made to help our business survive as well as keeping our staff & guests safe!

Please be patient with us and respectful to other guests.. stay safe.. stay aware & save lives .